Top 5 Large Venue Laser Projector Brands

It is generally believed that the large venue laser projectors refer to the laser projectors with more than 7000 ANSI lumens brightness. A large venue is usually a large lecture hall, a church, an auditorium, and others. The general laser projectors are difficult to meet the large screen projection when the size of these venues are too large. So, the large venue laser projector is designed for these large venues.

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The advantages of laser projectors have been well known to public in last several years. Large venues require larger light output due to their large projection size. In recent years, the brightness of the large venue projectors are from 5000 to 10000 ANSI lumens. At the same time, the market of the 10000-20000 ANSI lumens laser projectors are also have the good perspective of application.

When selecting the suitable laser projectors for a project, the highest lumens projectors are not the real cost effective choices sometimes. So, people usually stack to the large venue laser projectors to achieve the greater light output instead of buy a single larger projector with an extremely high lumens output.

But which big brands and potential brands are suitable for the projection of the large venues we can choose? This guide will list out the top 5 large venue laser projector brands which are worth to buy.

Panasonic PT-RZ970BU Projector

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Display system: DLP technology│Native chip resolution: 1920*120

Max brightness: 10000 lumens│Lens shift: f/1.7 – 1.9 (f = 25.6 – 35.7 mm)

Throw ratio:1.7-2.4:1 │ Projection size: 50 – 600″ / 127.00 – 1524.00 cm

  • Colorful picture with 10000 lumens brightness
  • Augmented White Balance and Color Reproduction
  • 600’’ huge images with 31.5m throw distance
  • Vertical: ± 40° and Horizontal: ± 15° Keystone correction

The main selling points of the PT-RZ970BU is that it supports 1920*1200 native resolution for viewing the details of videos, pictures and others. It adopts dual-laser modules for up to 10,000 lumens, and they use Quartet Color Harmonizer to reduce the energy losses from the laser light source and a heat-resistant phosphor wheel.

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Panasonic has more than 40 years of professional experience in the audio-video industry, and it also leads the industry trends from today’s environmental laser light source to 8K projection in the future.

Panasonic projector is undoubtedly the front runner in the large venue laser projection field. You can see this projector in festivals all over the world, stars concerts, entertainers locations, art performances, opening ceremonies and so on. Therefore, when you want to use a projector in a cathedral or a concert, Panasonic large venue laser projector should be the top priority.

Optoma ZU850 Projector

Optoma ZU850 Projector

Display technology: DLP technology│Native resolution: 1920*1200

Brightness: 8000 ANSI lumens│Contrast ratio: 2,000,000:1

Projection distance: 2.6’-115’(0.8-35m)│Lens option:

BX-CTA16: 0.36:1 BX-CTA15: 0.75-0.95:1 BX-CAA01: 0.95-1.22:1 BX-CAA06: 1.22-1.52:1 BX-CAA03: 1.52-2.92:1 BX-CTA13: 2.90-5.50:1

  • 8000 luminous brightness
  • Laser light source and 20,000 hours service life
  • Integrated edge-blending and image wrapping functions
  • Multiple interchangeable optical lens

The brightness of the ZU850 is 8000 ANSI lumens, but actually it can achieve to 8530 lumens equipment with its optical BX-CAA6. This types of projector is also uses DLP technology and the environmental laser light source module. ZU850 is also unique in its ECO mode, which drops image brightness by about 52% to achieve the goals of energy saving and reduce the laser light’s losses.

Optoma ZU850 Projector

This projector is mostly used for the large meeting rooms, museums, auditoriums, houses of worship and broadcast environments. It’s vibrant colors, consistent brightness and stunning quality give this projector a good market feedback.

Epson Pro G7905U

Epson Pro G7905U

Color brightness: 7000 lumens│Native resolution: WUXGA with 4k

Contrast ratio: 50,000:1 │ Zoom lens: 1.0-1.6x optical

Split Screen: Yes │Edge Blending: Yes

  • 4k-enhanced resolution with WUXGA resolution chips
  • Very large screen and outstanding video quality
  • Nine interchangeable lens
  • Built-in edge-blending, image wrapping, curved surface and corner wall correction functions

Epson is also a leading global digital imaging company in Japan, which differentiates itself from others by its projection technology. And this projection technology also makes it far ahead of other brands in color performance. Epson projectors mainly adopt 3LCD technology, and the advantage of this technology is that it can give the picture a clearer color expression.

Epson Pro G7905U

Epson projector’s color and brightness deliver the greatest visual impact to audience, and this has lead to more use in theaters or home theaters. People can see every incredible details from tiny text to the smallest architectural features rely on its 4K enhancement technology and the surpass Full HD image quality. 

Vivitek DU8090Z

Vivitek DU8090Z

Native resolution: WUXGA(1920*1200)│Brightness: 8000 ANSI lumens

Contrast ratio: 10,000:1 │Native aspect ratio: 16:10

Image size: 40’’-500’’ (standard lens)│Throw ratio: 0.38:1 to 5.31-8.26: 1

  • 8 optional lenses from 0.38:1 to 5.31-8.26:1 throw ratio range
  • 3g-SDI& HDBaseT for robustness and long signal transmission
  • Designed for heavy duty24/7 operations
  • Lens position memory

As we all know that Vivitek projector is mainly used for the home theatre, classrooms and conference rooms. The reason of why this projector in the eyes of the world is that this projector has the steady output, less noise and less energy consumption. As the large venue laser projector, its standby power consumption is only 0.5w. 

Vivitek DU8090Z

Based on the brightness of 8000 ANSI lumens, this Vivitek projector is mainly used for large venues, including the music festival, circle projection theatre, 3D mapping show, theme park, and others.

DHN DU8300

Brightness: 8300 lumens│Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (16:10) WUXGA

Contrast ratio: 300,000:1│Lens: F/2.3-3.15

Throw ratio:1.4~2.52│Image size: 27.9″~301.8″

  • 8300 lumens brightness with 300,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Special design for edge blending projection and the higher color consistency
  • The unique heat radiation system
  • Interchangeable lens for large zoom projection

As an emerging projector brand, DHN projector has been committed to laser edge blending projection since its established. This DU8300 has 8300 lumens brightness with the 300,000:1 contrast ratio. It adopts the unique edge blending mold for large venue projection, which can weaken the thermal drift, ensure the color/brightness stability and minimize color between multiple projections.

All of the DHN projectors adopts DLP technology with laser light source for large venues. Built-in edge blending function and 17*17 geometric correction function make DHN projectors apply to more large screen edge blending projection. Except the big museums, exhibition halls, conference rooms, it even appears in the metro station advertisements and other commercial shows. This potential multi-projector combines art and science in large venue projections to bring people more visual enjoyment.

DHN DU8300

In recent years, large screen projection has become increasingly popular. The traditional single projector will no longer meet the requirements of the large venue and large projection screens. This has also promoted the projection industry to constantly update its technology and products. In this process, both the established famous projector brands and the emerging potential projector brands are trying to innovate in the field of large venue laser projector. The large venue laser projector also brings people a more convenient and wonderful audio-visual enjoyment with its professional products. We also expect these projector brands can bring us more wonderful audio-visual enjoyment in the future.

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