truck tire inner tubes

truck tire inner tubes refers to a circular elastic tube with a tire valve for maintaining the inner pressure of the truck tire. The valve is used to inflate and keep the air under pressure inside the tube. The truck tire inner tubes should have good air tightness, heat resistance, elasticity, aging resistance, and small permanent deformation. It is usually made of butyl rubber. Truck tire inner tubes are air damping bearing gas containers, used in semi truck tire, heavy duty truck tire, high way truck tire, light truck tire, and large truck tires.

The tire inner cavity auxiliary bearing pressure container, in accordance with the quantities of the main material can be divided into natural rubber inner tube and butyl rubber inner tube.

Butyl rubber inner tube products: refers to the use of butyl rubber, butyl renewable rubber as the main raw material, adding EPDM rubber and filler, additives, anti-aging agents and other auxiliary materials, according to a certain proportion of formula, mixing, refining, molding, vulcanization finalizing the processing of various models of automotive inner tube products.

semi truck tire inner tubes

semi truck tire inner tubes

Semi truck tire inner tubes are disigned for semi trailer.

A semi-trailer is a trailer with an axle behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is uniformly loaded) and a coupling device that transmits horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Semi-trailers are generally three-axle semi-trailers, which are divided into a variety of types, such as 11-meter warehouse semi-trailers, 13-meter warehouse semi-trailers, low flat semi-trailers, etc. The utility model relates to a heavy-duty transport vehicle connected with a semi-trailer through a traction pin.

large truck tire inner tubes

large truck tire inner tubes

large truck tire inner tubes are designed for heavy duty truck tires.

eavy truck is an authentic, traditional and informal for heavy duty truck and half hanged tractor appellation, including everyone on the road to see all kinds of special automobile (sprinkler, fire engines, road cleaning vehicles, oil tanker, mixer, etc.), dump truck, car, soil, has a lifter), vans (freight, including cattle, etc.) as well as some rare SUV (military).

truck tire inner tubes for floating & swimming

Truck tire inner tubes are quite fit for floating and swimming in summer. Tubes have extremely Floating ability and can easily support adults and children. They are also much cheaper than swim rings, typically costing between $5 and $10 for a 20-foot tube, so more and more people are using them for swimming and rafting.

truck tire inner tubes for sale

Currently, more and more people choose to shop on the Internet, truck tire inner tube is no exception. In addition to buying truck tires at the tire center, you can also buy the right model on eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. However, due to the large weight of the inner tube of the driving tire, usually an inner tube weight of 5-10kg, so if online shopping, the express fee will be very expensive. If you want to do a wholesale purchase, you can consider purchasing from China, the price is very cheap.

where to buy truck tires inner tubes

where to buy truck tires inner tubes

Where to buy truck tire inner tubes with good quality and cheap price?
Here we recommend a factory from China — Weihai Runtong rubber co., LTD. Runtong rubber cooperates with famous tire companies such as Italy Pirelli tire, China triangle tire, and Aeolus tire.

 Weihai Runtong Rubber Co., Ltd is a professional automobile inner tube and tube flap producer. Located in the beautiful coastal city Weihai of Shandong Province. Transportation is superior here. It is close to Weihai Port, Weihai Airport. Yantai-Weihai and Qingdao-Weihai Expressway run across the territory. Superb geographical position and convenient sea and land and air transportation build a bridge leading to all over the world.

       The company promotes technology and product innovation constantly. It has realized the automation and standardization of production procedure by introducing a full set of 6 world-class inner tube production lines. It has an advanced laboratory-testing center.

        The company carries out the following development principle “customers’ interest beyond everything” and improves the satisfaction constantly. It has co-operated with Double Star, Xugong, Dongfeng, and Sanjiao Group for many years. Its products have been selling well all over the world.

        With rapid development and “people-oriented” management principle. Runtong Rubber Co., Ltd pays more attention on the talent. Humane management is the bright spot of the company and an important part of enterprise culture, as well as the competitive advantage in the market.

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